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Welcome to Bloo Lagoon

The enhanced vanilla Rust experience



All non-component items from Barrels are learned by default

Blueprints - Bloo Mondays Extras

Metal Tools, Medical Syringes, Rifle Bullets & Revolver / Pistol Bullets to promote more PvP.

Day / Night Cycles

Day is 55 minutes, nights are only 5 minutes long and always bright

Gather Rate

All of our servers have 1.5x Gather Rates


Slightly improved supply drops to remove junk items. Now with a chance of getting garage doors, ladder hatches and explosives. Drop rates improve the later the wipe progresses.

Limited Auto Turrets

Only 5 Auto Turrets permitted in each TC range. Turrets are limited to single stack of ammo (128 bullets) each.

Loot Tables


Barrels only give components

Airdrops & Locked Creates

Improved airdrops & locked crates. Garage doors, and in rare cases, high velocity & real rockets.

Auto Turrets

Reduced spawn rate, making them harder to find from all loot sources

Primitive Crates

They now give Bows, Arrows & Tools

Car Parts

Car parts found in loot sources are full health so they stack